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Kinesiology Tape

What is It and How to Use It

If you have yet to use kinesiology tape or you have some but it didn’t seem useful the way you used it, you’re probably wondering how to best use the product.

Below, you will find a number of basic and specific uses for our tape, which includes structural support and relief for your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

One thing we would like to note before getting into the application of our k tape: Make sure that the tape is completely dry before you remove it. Otherwise, you will be wasting the active infused ingredients, thereby making the Arcanum Sarco Skin Infused Kinesiology Tape less effective.

Likewise, depending on your requirements or medical history, we strongly recommend consulting a medical professional before use.

How to Use Sarco Skin Tape

Apply a Test Strip

If this is your first time using Sarco Skin kinesiology tape, place a small test strip somewhere easy to monitor - we recommend your arm, to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients/materials.

When applying a test strip, leave it on for a full day - if you notice irritation or pain whatsoever, take off the tape right away.

Trim the Corners

This will help prevent the tape from catching on clothing or peeling up.

Trim, Move, or Remove Excess Hair

Depending on where you are applying the kinesiology tape, you may need to take care of the hair in the area beforehand.  This will greatly help adhesion time.

Clean and Dry the Skin

Before you place your kinesiology tape, make sure that the application area is clean, free of lotions or oils, and is completely dry.

If you are applying Sarco Skin shortly after working out, wait until your body is done sweating before placing the product.

Place the Tape at Least 1 Hour Before Exercising

This gives the adhesive time to strengthen its hold, and the active ingredients to start working.

Recommended Stretch

Sarco Skin is latex free and works best with a 25% stretch.

Removing Sarco Skin Tape

Once it’s time for your Sarco Skin tape to come off, there are a few things to make the process a little more comfortable:

Make sure the tape is COMPLETELY dry.

DO NOT use any oils to assist in removing.

Press down on your skin to make it taught.