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Innovation in the Market and Beyond

For many people, the word “hemp” has a number of negative connotations associated with it.

However, while they often are just associating “hemp” with a psychoactive product that people traditionally smoke, there’s generally an even bigger reason that there is so much ingrained animosity toward this natural product - manufacturers and government have worked in tandem to make sure that hemp was withheld from the public as much and for as long as possible.

Thankfully, the public at large is starting to change the way it consumes information, especially that which is linked directly to megacorporations and the government in general.

Regardless of the stigma or assumed dangers of hemp, the truth of the matter is that it’s just a part of a plant.

An incredibly useful plant, but still just a plant nonetheless.

Even though it is just a plant it’s been widely suppressed due to its ability to beat out its well-established competition in several fields.

Agricultural hemp not only is grown for hemp fibers which are a powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to many forms of plastics and a less soil taxing source of natural fibers than cotton!


Hemp-Derived Transdermal Application

With products like Arcanum Sarco Skin Infused Kinesiology Tape, hemp can offer even more relief and comfort to athletes or those who work under strenuous physical conditions.

This hemp-derived infusion offers the aforementioned relief while also providing physical athletic support, making it a superb product for those looking to get an edge over their competition.

The hemp-derived infusion actually combos together with the blood flow increasing the qualities of the kinesiology tape.

But that’s not all, for athletes who are out there pushing their limits, Sarco Skin Infused Kinesiology Tape offers relief and support to get them pushing harder and faster to hit their limit.

So not only will you feel a reduction of discomfort while you work out, when you’re finally done and have reached that runners high or endorphin spike will linger longer helping you soak in the glory of your own accomplishment.